Together to your destination

Together to your destination

Together to your destination

Together to your destination

Together to your destination

Together to your destination

Together to your destination

Together to your destination

Together to your destination

Find your way to the water

Your destination is your central focus point when you’re travelling. But regardless of what your final destination is: it goes without saying you want to get there in an efficient and fun way. And that’s the exact service Aqualiner provides. We’re able to offer everyone top quality, safe and accessible transport on our inland waterways with Waterbus in the Netherlands. Irrespective of whether you’re heading off to work, school or possibly enjoying a day out; we’ll take you to your destination!

Our services


Waterbus is a regional transport network in Rotterdam-Drechtsteden which uses fast and modern boats to transport passengers across the water on their way to their destination. It connects Rotterdam, Dordrecht and several surrounding municipalities, like Kinderdijk and Biesbosch.


During the period 2017 – 2024, Aqualiner successfully developed and realised the public water transport project DeWaterbus in Antwerp. DeWaterbus is a popular water bus service in Antwerp which transports passengers across the Scheldt River and the Albert Canal.

Our core values


Sustainability isn’t merely an objective, it’s our responsibility and is firmly embedded in our DNA.


You can always rely on us.

Customer focussed

Our customers are our central focus point, always and everywhere.


We’re stronger when we work together.

Benefits of travelling with our water buses

Opting to travel by water bus offers a variety of advantages which certainly make it an attractive mode of transport:

Accessible to everyone

Relaxation and comfort

Environmentally friendly

A fast and flexible route

Less traffic intensity

Sailing with a water bus is therefore a fast, environmentally friendly and unique way of travelling, plus it offers relaxation and convenience, especially in busy urban areas.

To your destination…

It’s simply fantastic that so many people travel to their destination by water. And, by doing so, they’re not just making a positive contribution to all the problems caused by car mobility.

But also to the economic development of all the cities, villages, industrial estates, nature reserves and attractions in the area, not to mention the environmental objectives.

Improvements are now also being made in terms of timetables and destinations, in order to provide travellers with an even better service. For example, the Kinderdijk World Heritage site can be accessed across the water from Rotterdam all year round.

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