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Waterbus is a regional transport network in Rotterdam-Drechtsteden which uses fast and modern boats to transport passengers across the water on their way to their destination. It connects Rotterdam, Dordrecht and several surrounding municipalities, like Kinderdijk and Biesbosch.

Why travel with Waterbus?

Waterbus plays an important role in promoting sustainable mobility and reducing traffic jams in the region.

Waterbus provides a sustainable and efficient transport solution, with modern boats which offer regular timetables and are often faster than traditional road traffic.

Waterbus is an attractive and popular transport choice for students, commuters and tourists; it contributes to the Rotterdam-Drechtsteden region’s attractiveness and quality of life.


During the period 2017 – 2024, Aqualiner successfully developed and realised the DeWaterbus public water transport project in Antwerp. DeWaterbus is a popular waterbus service in Antwerp that carries passengers across the Scheldt River and Albert Canal. It connects several key locations in the region, including Antwerp, Hemiksem and Kruibeke.

Why travel with DeWaterbus?

DeWaterbus offers a unique experience to explore and get to know the city from the water.

DeWaterbus provides easy access to tourist attractions and places of interest for both locals and tourists.

DeWaterbus plays an important role in reducing traffic jams and promoting sustainable mobility in the city.

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